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Camp DeSoto at Windy Hill

A major part of Windy Hill’s mission is to serve Camp DeSoto by producing fresh, healthful, and delicious food for Camp’s dining hall, while also giving campers the unique opportunity to experience the work, play, and rhythms of farm life as part of their time at Camp.

Farm Hands Class

Through the farm class, our hope is to spark a curiosity in how food is grown and let children taste the joy and the work of everything from picking tomatoes, to watering seedlings, to gathering eggs from our chicken coop.

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Cooking Class

Cooking class means taking farm produce and meats and turning them into new dishes that campers can cook at home.  We hope this class will open the door to a fresh understanding of seasonal vegetables and cultivating an ease and creativity in the kitchen.


Phoebe is a class offered to the oldest campers that focuses on serving the community and does so through work at the farm. Through this class we hope to give a deeper understanding of our farmer’s work and set a foundation for supporting the farmers of their communities one day.

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Sunday Night BBQ

Campers spend one of their Sunday evenings at the farm touring the gardens to see what is being grown for the nourishment and enjoyment of both camp and the community. We take the girls to visit the chickens, enjoy visiting with them on the front lawn, and share a BBQ meal together to wrap up the picnic.

Windy Hill Kitchen

The kitchen at Windy Hill not only provides enjoyment for farmers and guests of the farm through events and market breads; it is also a major hub during the summer months, providing lettuce, tomatoes, hamburgers, and more to DeSoto campers.

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