Our Farmers

Brent Halderman

Brent grew up on a small family farm outside Dayton, Ohio. He graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in horticulture and has a love for working outdoors. What began, for him, as a career in landscaping, eventually led to an interest in growing food.  Brent and his wife, Megan, moved to Alabama in the Fall of 2014 to help establish Windy Hill. As farm manager, Brent oversees both the work and the workforce of the farm. Brent particularly enjoys learning how to incorporate regenerative agriculture practices to build soil and plant health, as well as always coming up with something new to build or create.

Megan Halderman

Megan Halderman is originally from Decatur, Alabama and graduated from Mississippi State University. Her background is in education; however, after marrying Brent, she found a home in farmwork. What started as a love for cooking and fresh food, turned into a curiosity and appreciation for where food comes from. Megan worked full time at the farm until Forest, Brent’s and her now two-year old son, was born. Megan provides direction for Special Events and is an integral part of encouraging community among all who have joined the farm for a season.

Kate McDowell

Kate hails from Dallas, Texas and grew up spending her summers at Camp DeSoto. After graduating from Samford University in Foods and Nutrition, Kate worked on a farm in New York, an office in Dallas, and then a call to work outside again brought her to Windy Hill. Kate loves learning and participating in the cycle of life at the farm: from planting seeds to taking care of animals to feeding and getting to know her community at the Farm Market. She would not be able to choose if she likes the animals or the vegetables better! Kate enjoys working with her hands, building furniture, hiking, kayaking, meeting new people, adventuring, and cooking with the food she has helped grow.

Joy Faircloth

Joy came to Windy Hill in the summer of 2016 as the farm’s first intern; soon after, she became a full-time employee. Joy’s interest in agriculture was first sparked during a summer spent in rural Kentucky in 2015. Joy is originally from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, with a degree in Community Development. She is the mastermind behind all the farm’s hand-drawn signage and many of our marketing materials. She is also an essential part of the farm’s vegetable production, event planning, and weekly Farm Markets. Joy is married to Trent Faircloth (the farm’s second intern!) and lives in Valley Head, Alabama.

Shelley Meadows

Shelley was born and raised in Mentone, Alabama. She has a long history with Camp DeSoto and Phil and Marsha Hurt. She worked as a teenager at Camp DeSoto and even was a babysitter for Phil and Marsha's children. Now, she is married with two daughters and a small farm of her own. She runs the commercial kitchen at Windy Hill, working closely with all the farmers at Windy Hill and also with the cooks at Camp DeSoto to bring Farm to Table meals to campers. During the slower seasons she does menu planning and cooking for retreats and events at Windy Hill along with putting up off season produce for later use. Shelley likes experimenting with recipes according to what is being harvested at the farm, but loves the smiles and togetherness that food brings to other people!

Phil and Marsha Hurt

Phil and Marsha Hurt have lived, raised a family, and worked at Camp DeSoto for over 30 years.  Being a part of establishing The Farm at Windy Hill during their time at Camp and life in Mentone is exciting, rewarding, and a lot of good fun for the two of them.  Seeing Windy Hill become an integral part of both Camp and the community has been beyond their best dreams for “Mr. Kirby’s Farm.”

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