Our Story

When there’s not a breeze anywhere else in Mentone,

there’s a breeze on this place; I like to call it Windy Hill.

Kenneth Kirby, former proprietor

Through the availability of a beautiful family farm, four remarkable farmers, and a strong desire for campers at a nearby summer camp to experience a working-learning farm, The Farm at Windy Hill was established in the fall of  2014. After four seasons, Windy Hill has become an integral part of Camp life and enjoys strong support from the community of Mentone and beyond. Life at the farm is evidence of what happens when people want to steward the earth, care well for their animals, and welcome others into the beauty and productivity of the land.


To be at Windy Hill is to enjoy down-to-earth hospitality from farmers, summer interns, and cooks -- all who spend their time working steadily and welcoming others into whatever the work of the farm is that day.  Friends of the farm and campers who experience the farm each summer consider the place theirs, and that is as it should be. Passersby who stop in to see what is at the end of the long driveway consider it worth the detour, and we are glad they do.