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Growing Practices

Curious about how we farm and why? These growing practices are a brief overview of what we do to keep our soil, plants, animals, and customers healthy and happy.

We use only biologically friendly and regenerative growing practices, without the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides or herbicides.  We invest deeply in our soils, working to balance them for optimal plant performance in a variety of ways. We rely on cover crops and compost as well as the well-timed integration of our valuable animal manure and urine to build our soil fertility.  This integration occurs from rotational grazing on both our pastures and our gardens.


We accept a certain amount of crop loss due to pests, disease, and bad weather; however, it is our experience that promoting biological life in our soil has increased the resiliency of plant life, from garden to pasture on the farm, to these stresses.  We believe that all this helps result in superior quality, flavor, and nutrition in our products, and for our customers.  


The Farm at Windy Hill practices organic-farming methods though we are not currently pursuing certification.  We invite friends and customers to come see how we farm and to engage in conversations with the farmers about our practices. There is more to regenerative and sustainable farming than a certification or label, and we welcome your questions.

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