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Maybe you saw our sign for the first time today or have visited the farm many times. You might just be looking to buy chemical-free produce or grass-finished beef. No matter how you found us we are happy you are here! If you’re looking for the best time to visit, purchase food, eat a farm-to-table meal, or chat with a farmer, this is the page.

Farm Market days are a time to get to know your local farmers (and neighbors!), take a relaxing stroll through our gardens, meet the chickens, and shop our seasonal selection of produce, flowers, meat, eggs, and more.


Whether a Summer BBQ or a Farm to Table dinner, we are excited to gift you with the bountiful, seasonal flavors of the farm.

Tours and Visits

The Farm at Windy Hill is a year round working farm; however, we always welcome visitors and love getting the chance to share the farm with our community. The best time to come visit and ensure that a staff member will be present is during our Farm Market. 


Are you interested in joining our team? We would love to hear from you. Please email us outlining your interest, the time frame in which you want to work, and a short background about  yourself.

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