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100% Grass-fed & Finished

Our herd of South Poll cattle can be found grazing our pastures, where they thrive on a mix of warm and cool season forage. The South Poll breed was developed over the last 30 years right here on Lookout Mountain with the goal of producing cows that would thrive on grass in the conditions and climate particular to the southeast.

We use the term grass-fed and finished to highlight that our cows graze on grass and forage for their entire lives. They are never fed grain, nor are they treated with hormones or preventative antibiotics. We believe this way of finishing beef brings a high-quality product that is both full of flavor and nutrient-dense to your table. Raising animals this way also provides a higher level of animal welfare and environmental protection.

The standard for Windy Hill is to produce well-marbled grass-fed beef from healthy animals who have grazed on nutrient-rich forage and seasonal cover crops. Another benefit of this process that we value is that it produces healthy soil, which is the goal of our regenerative grazing practices.

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