Pastured and Wooded Pork

As with all of the animals we raise, our desire is to give our pigs the ability to live in accordance with their natural instincts, in an environment best suited to their creaturely needs and comforts. Put simply, we want to let our pigs be pigs. This means that our pigs live in spacious paddocks on meadows or in the woods. There, they graze on a rich diet of foraged grass, roots, grubs, and nuts, as well as supplemental rations of non-GMO feed, until it’s time to move on to new ground. As they move from paddock to paddock, the pigs help to fertilize our fields and clear out undergrowth in the woods. The way we raise our pigs both ensures their quality of life and helps enrich the fertility on our farm and — last but certainly not least — results in more delicious pork.

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