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Pastured and Wooded Pork

As with all of the animals that we raise on our farm, our desire is to give pigs the ability to live in accordance with their natural instincts, in an environment best suited to their creaturely needs and comforts. This year, we have decided to source finished pigs from North Star Farm in Killen, AL.  North Star Farm's Mission is "to produce delicious, nutrient dense, clean food in a sustainable way, using farming practices that work with nature to enrich the farm and ensure a quality of life for our animals." The pigs that we source from North Star Farm have been raised in oak tree wooded forests and chemical free grassy meadows. There, they graze on a rich diet of grass, roots, acorns and nuts, while they are rewarded with a bit of non-GMO feed daily, prepared without the use of hormones or antibiotics. The way the pigs are raised both ensures their quality of life and helps enrich the fertility on the farm on which they are raised and — last but certainly not least — results in more delicious pork.

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